Small Business Package


Starting a business is like starting a race, a race between gaining income and reducing liabilities. If you want to win this race you need to put all of your time into growing your customer base. But here is what happens… you start thinking about the other side of the race; your liabilities. Those liabilities include rent, payroll, GST, income tax, insurance, electricity, water, internet, telepho…. You get the idea. Not only that but this could be the first time you are negotiating a lease agreement or understanding business structures. The knowledge you now require is vast and you needed to know it yesterday.


Product Description

Delegating your lease negotiation, employment contracts and seeking advice on your company structure will very quickly pay for itself, I think you know this intrinsically however you also know that lawyers are expensive and paying capital to a lawyer at the beginning stages means less money for wages, rent and marketing.

I understand that paying a lawyer upfront is not how you want to be deploying your capital and I want you to succeed.