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Tax is one of life’s certainties and the biggest burden on your income. It is very easy to pay more in tax than you need to, there is an anti-avoidance provision but there is no over-taxing provision. We are experts in Trust Law and Equity which are at the centre of our taxation system. Whether it’s commercial litigation, arranging your estate, business structuring, a settlement for a personal injury matter; Henry Lloyd Davis can provide you with advice on how to structure your affairs so that you only pay what you need to.

Henry has saved his clients millions of dollars and successfully defended numerous ATO Audits. On tax advice, the benefit you receive exceeds the cost of the advice. We want to hear about your business and offer an obligation free phone call to determine where we can provide you with a benefit. Get in touch and we will work with you to maximise your income and protect the assets you have worked hard to earn.

Expert Advice
  • We are passionate about the law and achieving client outcomes
  • Honest and direct, we want our clients to succeed
  • We propose new strategies with our cutting edge knowledge
  • Count on us to deliver and achieve the best outcomes
  • We keep it simple by explaining the risks and rewards clearly
Innovative Excellence
  • Offering tailored solutions that are simply explained and implemented
  • We aim to be Australia’s most trusted taxation advisors
  • We think carefully about our advice and we do not rush
  • We take a collaborative approach with clients when providing advice
  • Designed to compliment your purpose with advice that pays for itself

Legal Advice & Consultation

Legislation knowledge and experience

As your business grows and increases in complexity you will need to expand your circle of professional service providers who are aware of your circumstances and can provide tailored advice.

Henry has a unique skillset specialising in taxation law and commercial advice. Primarily, Henry works with and provides advice to accountants and developers who require specialist advice.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Taxation Law including Objections and Tax Litigation;
  • Bespoke Commercial Structuring;
  • Civil Litigation; and
  • General Business Advice and Planning.


  • Masters of Tax Law – Melbourne University (current)
  • Bachelor of Laws – Adelaide University
  • Bachelor of Arts – Adelaide University with majors in Economics and Philosophy
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Australian National University)
  • Admitted to Practice in the Supreme Court of South Australia
  • Admitted to Practice in the High Court of Australia

Career Experience

Elected Member of Adelaide City Council
Current Councilor of Adelaide City Council, South Ward. Previous to this, Henry served as a member of the Burnside City Council.

Through managing an organisation with 163 staff, a $45 million budget and over $700 million in capital assets, Henry understands the machinations of bureaucracy, risk management and internal controls. He has also served as a director on the Burnside War Memorial Hospital.

Fighting bushfires on Kangaroo Island, Cudlee Creek and in NSW
During the last extreme bushfires as a firefighter with the CFS, Henry was made very aware of the need to plan for long-tail risks as well as the importance of community.
'Top 6 Tax Lawyers' by Adelaide Examiner
Best in Adelaide identified HLD Law as one of Adelaide’s Best Tax Lawyers.



Royal Australian Air Force Radar and Electronic Warfare Operator
His training has instilled self-discipline and attention to detail; completing the Aircrew Combat Survival Course is Henry’s greatest achievement of his career to date. Henry has a number of interests and hobbies, he competes in ballroom dancing, has represented South Australia in Men’s & Mixed Netball and plays guitar.



  • Per Hour Rate: Disputes in particular can be unpredictable; you cannot with certainly know how the other side will choose to deal with a matter. For disputes we charge on an hourly rate issuing fully itemised invoices regularly so you can see exactly what action we are taking and when. As the Duke of Wellington said to Lord Uxbridge “Bonaparte has not given me any idea of his projects; and as my plans will depend upon his, how can you expect me to tell you what mine are?”
  • Fixed Fee: For advice and commercial matters we offer a fixed fee. This will give you certainty.
  • Capped Quote: The work we love the most is complex and requires innovative thinking. Creativity can take time but it is not fair that you bare the risks if it takes longer than expected to find you the best solution. A capped quote will give us the creative licence to explore new options and be creative, whist giving you the certainty that your legal fees won’t run over budget. We always aim to come in under budget on a Capped Quote.
  • Retainer Legal Advice – Lawyers are often growing businesses which need the support of a lawyer for their everyday needs. We want to encourage you to pick up the phone and ask a question or have a discussion about your options. We offer two options of retainer, limited or unlimited.
  • A limited retainer is capped at a certain number of hours and limited in scope.
  • The unlimited option gives you a full-service option where there is no limit on the legal work involved. If you get caught in a lengthy litigation, it’s fully funded and covered.
  • Retainer – Business Leadership: large businesses will almost always have internal legal counsel providing them with ongoing advice. Growing business can benefit from a retainer agreement where an external solicitor joins their management team providing ongoing strategic advice and leadership.

Let’s Get Started – These are the steps we follow to achieve your desired outcome.

Step 1: Give us a Brief

Tell us what you want to achieve and if you have a strategy in mind. Send through all your documents to make sure we don’t miss important details.

Step 2: Develop a Strategy

We will meet with you and develop a strategy that achieves your desired outcome. You will have a timeline and know what to expect.

Step 3: Letter of Advice

Before we implement the strategy we will dot the T’s and cross the I’s. The letter of advice sets out in detail how the strategy should work and the exact steps to follow into the future.

Step 4: Implement the Strategy

This is where we will draw the documents and take the necessary actions to give effect to the strategy. We will work with you to make sure each element has been implemented to ensure nothing is missed.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

Over time elements can be forgotten, this is where you can refer to our letter of advice or contact us to clarify any details.

Our Guarantee:

A Solid Foundation:
Starting with a detailed understanding of your situation means we are less likely to encounter problems in future. Taking the time to understand you and your objectives leads to better outcomes in future.

Complete Solution:
We ensure that we provide complete advice that covers all avenues for failure. We don’t believe in disclaimers.

Know Where You Stand:
We can provide fixed fee advices, a capped quote or charge an hourly rate so that you know what our advice will cost you. We will map out the costs for each step along the way and provide you with fully itemised invoices.

Customer Lead Solutions:
We don’t take you somewhere you don’t want to be. If you want to settle a commercial matter, we won’t push you to purse litigation. We achieve your outcomes in the manner you want to achieve them.

Customer Independence:
We don’t want you to be dependant on us into the future. For strategies that may take years to implement, we want to give you clear guidance that you can follow and implement. We want to get the job done and not look back.

We Don’t Fake It:
We know what we are good at and we stick to it. We don’t fake it till we make it. If something is not within our area of expertise we refer it to one of our referral partners.

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