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Dispute Resolution

Settling Disputes

From debt collection to tax objections and business disputes

Not everyone plays fair. Not everyone will return the respect you have given them. So even though a serious dispute is the last thing you want to face, it is inevitable.

When a dispute comes up you should contact a lawyer straightaway. Don’t respond and try to handle it yourself, more often than not you are going to make things worse. If you put something in writing that was perhaps a little clunky or not quite accurate, that could be the sole reason you end up losing a matter than successfully defending it.

It is essential to have a lawyer who can monitor, assess, and react to the disputes that come your way. There is always a way to resolve disputes and that requires a well thought out plan. We understand the emotional burden that disputes can take and so we take that burden from you and negotiate on your behalf.

Our highest priority is to resolve the dispute as soon as possible with the least cost possible.

This is our process in resolving disputes:

  • We assess your legal position;
  • We inform you on your legal rights, responsibilities and obligations;
  • We attempt to resolve your dispute with the opposing party; or
  • If a resolution does not occur, we will prosecute your case in the relevant court to the best of our ability.

The most common disputes that occur and we commonly deal with are:

  • Disputes between business partners;
  • The estate of someone who has recently become deceased;
  • Disputes in consumer law;
  • Disputes involving employment;
  • Debt collection;
  • Commercial disputes;
  • Issues around insolvency;
  • Disputes in intellectual property; and
  • Disputes over taxation.

Settling disputes can become difficult so don’t be afraid to fight for your own case as we are there to help.

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