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Getting Started

Getting Started

From startup with plan and documentation to agile business moves

When starting a new business, it is crucial to hire a lawyer who has the right expertise to successfully achieve your outcomes. It is essential to have the right structure for your business from day one. Making the decision to invest in professional help at the beginning of the process will prevent the need to re-do things later. Even if your objectives change, you will have the firm base to branch out from and grasp the new opportunities.

The foundations we can lay for you are:

  • Setting up a trading structure that is appropriate to whether it’s a trust, partnership, company, sole trader, or another more sophisticated structure;
  • When your business has multiple partners you will need a unit holder agreement or a shareholder’s agreement;
  • Making sure you can understand the business clearly and recording the arrangements you make with other people involved in establishing your business. These includes Investment Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Employment Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Business Succession Agreements; and
  • Giving advice on and helping you develop the strategies to deal with key issues that can affect your business within whatever industry it resides in.

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