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Running A Business

Running A Business

From startup with plan and documentation to agile business moves

There is no end to the challenges if you decide to run a business, there is no way around it. Whether internal or external, there will always be new situations to overcome. Internally, you may have employees, business partners or family members laying barricades that you must endure if you want to succeed. Then there are the external pressures of banks, governments and competition who are each advertently or inadvertently making things difficult for you.

The key to managing these challenges is to have a great lawyer.

It is important to incorporate lawyers into your business matters not just when you need a problem fixed. You must be ready for these problems before they arise. Therefore, if you incorporate a lawyer in your organisation, they can provide a far-reaching plan to manage the inevitable future conflicts.

Issues that you must effectively engage with are:

  • Creating and maintaining the correct structure of your business including your business team;
  • Keeping a close eye on everchanging governmental regulations;
  • Keeping an awareness and protection of intellectual property;
  • Dealing with external business associates such as customers and suppliers correctly; and
  • Intelligently managing your assets.

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