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Minimising Your Land Tax

Minimising your Land Tax

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Tax is something you must get right. We have a specialist understanding of tax law and can guide you through what is right and what is wrong. Dealing with tax is a huge burden that we can take off you and let you focus on things that will make your business thrive.

Unlike many taxes which are generally passive in nature, the New Land Tax provisions allow you to make a number of active choices including nominating a designated beneficiary of a Discretionary Trust, Notifying the Commissioner (or not) of Unit Holders of a unit trust, or choosing who will be the director of a land owning company. All these choices, and there are many, will effect how much land tax you pay. Making the wrong choices can result in thousands more in tax each year… every year… forever – there are no do overs! Once these choices are made, they can’t be remade or altered. You have until 30 June 2022 to correct any mistakes.

The highest land tax rate is 2.4% in South Australia, your rental yield might be 5%. That means that if you are stuck on the highest land tax rate, half of your income is going to the government. Land Tax is a complex field that needs specialist advice. You also have choices, making the wrong choice can really hit you hard limiting the profit you make substantially.

Henry is an expert in Land Tax and structuring and he will help you get the most out of your investments.

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