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Disputes With Business Partners

Disputes With Your Business Partner

From startup with plan and documentation to agile business moves

The relationship between a business partner can often be as close as a marriage (maybe closer). It has the same ups and downs and can be as painful when it breaks up. Strong emotions are in play and that is why you require someone who is detached and objective to facilitate these kinds of relationships.

We can make sure you understand:

  • The exit plan in case things don’t work out;
  • The notice that must be given;
  • The manner in which the Purchase Price is chosen for the buy-out;
  • The status of the projects that are currently being worked on;
  • Who retains the responsibility for property guarantees and leases;
  • What the tax impacts are for you as either the exiting or continuing partner;
  • If there will be a restraint of trade for you as an existing partner; and
  • If you as the existing partner must pay back a portion of the Purchase Price if the business loses clients following your partner’s exit.

Make sure you contact us early on if you break up with your business partner as these things can go on for years. Best to get it done quickly and move on with your life with the most capital, investments and assets as possible.

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