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Managing a Superannuation Fund

Managing a Superannuation Fund

From startup with plan and documentation to agile business moves

Imagine this.

You work all your life, never miss a day, never miss a beat. You turn 74 and realise your super doesn’t amount to much. In fact you won’t be able to retire for another ten years. Disaster!

That is why you must manage your super effectively. It is not something that you can just push off because it is way in the future. Contact us now and we can begin to manage your account in order to make sure you can retire when you want to and how you want to.

We will implement a strategy that will maintain and grow the wealth in your super by:

  • Establishing a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF);
  • Adding or removing trustees in your SMSF;
  • Transferring assets around your SMSF;
  • Preparing complying documents about SMSF borrowing arrangements;
  • Estate Planning to ensure on your death your super is distributed correctly;
  • Managing SMSF borrowing arrangements; and
  • If necessary, closing SMSF accounts.

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